IT Services

In India, information technology is an industry which consists of two main components: IT services and outsourcing of business processes (BPO). The sector increased its GDP contribution from 1.2 per cent in 1998 to 7.7 per cent in 2017. According to NASSCOM, the sector generated revenues of 160 billion US dollars in 2017, with export revenues of 99 billion US dollars and domestic revenues of 48 billion US dollars, rising by more than 13%.

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Our Different Business Segments

Roads & Highways

Elitecon International is renowned for the careful management of their programs. The level of expertise we provide is very experienced and professional.


To lay the foundation better we the Elitecon International are here to give you even more great ideas from professional engineers.


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The oil and gas industry is one of India ‘s eight core sectors, and plays a significant role in shaping decision-making for all of the other major economic areas.


The aviation industry is the industry that supports aviation by building parts of aircraft and manufacturing aircraft for their maintenance.


The main goal of Elitecon International in urban infrastructure is to improve a city’s infrastructure. We have connected and completed several Urban Development projects on a very positive note.


Elitecon International is one of the leading infrastructure companies that has been carrying out many successful road and highway projects over the last year.

Manpower & Engineering Works

With extensive Industry experience.
We are one of the largest manpower and engineering based works firms.